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my name is Laura

Even as a young girl, I understood my innate desire to transform what I feel into something tangible as a means of catharsis.  I'm a visual and imaginative person with a passion for creative expression.  I have always had a fascination with the dark, the dramatic, the romantic, the tragic, the ethereal and the beautiful.  I'm attracted to anything that evokes emotion, question and inspires new ideas.  Music and expressive writing has built my path to photography, and in most cases, is still my greatest inspiration.  Subconsciously or not, the moods I create are reflections of myself.  To portray a story or capture a candid moment through my perspective is so satisfying.  With no formal education in photography, my knowledge comes from experimentation and research.  I have always been my toughest critic but through this journey, I've learned that letting go gives back - and the most important reward is growth.

MUSE MISSION/ A Muse Session is an experience designed to help you see the beauty in your individuality and uniqueness, to help you build confidence and self esteem.  I hope that my work inspires women to explore the self image and embrace their individuality.

INSPIRATIONS/ Love, Pain, Nature, Music, Art, Poetry, Philosophy, Spirituality and People.

WHAT MAKES MY WORLD GO 'ROUND/ My family, my dogs and my friends, love, traveling, hiking, my career in the beauty industry as a Professional Hairstylist, connecting with people through photography and my insatiable need to discover a truth in everything.



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